For any & all Equipment, Fitness at The Edge Trainers will Provide Initial Set-Up, Monitoring & Progression for ALL Members.  Customized workout plans & routines are essential for success.

Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Bikes, Stepper, Free Weights, Bands & Rope, Cable, RIP by TRX, Weighted Circuit, Smith Machine, Benches, Bars, Kettle, Exercise Balls, Weighted Vest, Punching Bag (just to name a few)

All of the Information above is Included with every Membership Option.

A Gym for Women by Women

Group Exercise Classes

Fitness at The Edge offers numerous Group Exercise Classes.  We apply the concept of Cross Training to our class schedule.  Instructors are caring, motivating, articulate, & carry multiple certification.

Modifications are given allowing all levels to participate.

Group Exercise Classes are included with the Group Exercise Card, & the Gold & Platinum Memberships.

Group Exercise is a great way to Motivate and Enhance your workouts.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training allows the Trainer to apply a class that she personally designed to Push, Motivate, & Direct the Members toward reaching a specific targeted goal. Preparation is key.  


Platinum Membership Includes All Small Group Training Classes.

Anyone other than a Platinum Member will need to sign-up at least 1 day prior to class. A $20 fee will be charged upon class time.


Beauty is created and maintained from the inside out.  Exercise benefits all areas of our health & well being.