For any & all Equipment, Fitness at The Edge Trainers will Provide Initial Set-Up, Monitoring & Progression for ALL Members.  Customized workout plans & routines are essential for success.

Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Bikes, Stepper, Free Weights, Bands & Rope, Cable, RIP by TRX, Weighted Circuit, Smith Machine, Benches, Bars, Kettle, Exercise Balls, Weighted Vest, Punching Bag (just to name a few)

All of the Information above is Included with every Membership Option.


Group Exercise Classes

Fitness at The Edge delivers numerous Live & Live Streamed Group Exercise Classes.  We apply the concept of Cross Training & Endurance Training to our class schedule.  Instructors are caring, motivating, articulate, & carry multiple certification.
Modifications are given allowing all levels to participate.

Group Exercise Classes are included with the Gold & Platinum Memberships.

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Small Group Training

Small Group Training allows the Trainer to apply a class that she personally designed to Push, Motivate, & Direct the Members toward reaching a specific targeted goal. Preparation is key.  

Platinum Membership Includes All Small Group Training Classes.



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